Consultancy service

I offer a consultancy service to help:

  • optimise your preschool/nursery to be a communication friendly environment
  • maximize language development and language learning opportunities within your preschool/nursery routine
  • support children with specific communication difficulties (e.g. attention difficulties, social communication difficulties)
  • support children with eating and drinking difficulties

This service aims to help you make the most out of your preschool/nursery routine and environment in terms of developing and supporting communication/language development. If you are interested in this service, a pre-planning meeting would be arranged initially to discuss your preschool/nursery and what you would like to gain from a speech and language therapy consultation. I would then arrange a time to come and observe a preschool/nursery session and to talk to staff.


Following a visit and assessment of your preschool/nursery, I will offer feedback as to the strengths of your setting and make recommendations (including giving advice/strategies and providing basic resources). I will also help you identify goals for the future and further training needs.


Preschool/nursery staff training   

I can offer staff training around communication/language and eating/drinking difficulties. Please contact me to discuss your exact needs. These may include training on:

  • Understanding language development and when you should be concerned. How do you know when you should refer a child to SLT?
  • Understanding speech sound difficulties and ways to help
  • Understanding social communication difficulties and ways to help
  • Understanding children with eating/drinking difficulties and how you can help in preschool
  • The importance of play and how to support children in developing their play
  • Using visual support and signing to support children’s language development


Demonstration therapy groups

These groups are aimed at training preschool/nursery staff while running group therapy sessions for up to 10 children. It is expected that at least one member of education staff will be present within the group sessions in order to provide carryover of activities. The exact content and timing of these groups can be tailored to your needs.

Depending on your requirements, the groups will aim to model strategies and techniques to support children’s development as well as demonstrate activities to work on specific areas of communication/feeding (e.g. attention and listening activities; sensory play activities). All materials and resources for running the groups will be provided. At the end of each group session, preschool staff will be given hand-outs on the activities carried out and a copy of the group plan so that they can create the group at another time.


To work with individual children in your preschool/nursery for assessment and/or therapy

Do you have children in your setting that have identified speech, language or communication needs?

Do you have children with eating/drinking difficulties?

Do you have children in your setting that you are concerned about, but do not know how to support them further?

I offer sessions for Observations and Assessment to determine the needs/difficulties of children identified by your staff. Following assessment, I will provide advice and strategies as to how you can help the identified children in your preschool and discuss what further support these children may benefit from in the preschool setting (e.g. some intervention sessions, strategies to use). I will provide a brief summary report to preschool staff highlighting children’s difficulties/needs/strengths.


I also offer sessions for Intervention to see children on a one to one basis and/or in small groups. Therapy targets will be identified for each child according to their needs. These targets will then be worked towards during sessions, using fun motivating activities and in play. Parents and preschool staff will be given homework to carry out in between sessions with the speech and language therapist.


The number of hours spent in preschool/nursery and how I work is flexible. It will depend on the number of children to be seen, your preschool/nursery routine, the needs of the children etc.


Please note that children will only be seen once parental consent has been agreed.