Travel is included for round trips less than 10 miles. Thereafter you will be charged £1 per mile. For travel to inner London, you will be charged the cost of a travel card/rail fare depending on location. All charges will be agreed beforehand.

Consultancy                                                       From £60 per hour dependent on needs and requirements

Consultancy might include:

  • Pre-planning meeting to discuss what you would like from SLT and how I can help
  • Time spent observing a session in your preschool/nursery
  • Talking with education practitioners
  • Feeding back strengths of your setting and recommendations/what you could do differently
  • Giving advice/strategies and basic resources to support you with this
  • Identifying goals for the future; including further training needs
  • Write up of report summary and advice.


Preschool practitioners training                                 Fee dependent on what training required and length of session

I can offer practitioners training around communication /language and eating/drinking difficulties. Please contact me to discuss your exact needs. Fees include:

  • Pre-planning meeting (or telephone call) to discuss your exact needs and requirements
  • Preparation of training materials and hand-outs
  • Post –training contact to follow up and feedback.


Demonstration therapy groups                                 From £60 per session     60 mins face to face time in preschool

The exact content and timing of these groups can be tailored to your needs. The cost for these groups will vary depending on the type of group you require.

  • Pre-session planning to determine therapy goals and activities/strategies to work on these
  • Preparation of materials required in the session
  • 15 minutes setting up time
  • 30-45 minutes face-to-face session with up to 8 children, and 1-2 members of staff
  • 15 minutes post session discussion with staff members.


To work with individual children in your preschool/nursery for assessment and/or therapy                     From £70 per hour

Children will be identified by preschool practitioners and seen on request. Children will only be seen once parental consent has been agreed. Sessions may involve:


  • Observation and assessment to determine needs of children identified by practitioners in the preschool setting
  • Liaison with preschool practitioners and parents
  • Pre- session planning (e.g. liaison prior to session/visit, preparation of materials)
  • Verbal feedback at end of session about what identified children are finding difficult, what are their strengths and what are their needs
  • Advice and strategies given as to how you can help the identified children
  • Discussion and recommendations as to what further support these children may benefit from in the preschool setting (e.g. some intervention sessions, strategies to use)
  • A brief summary report written for preschool practitioners highlighting children’s difficulties/needs/strengths. (More detailed reports can be written for an additional fee)
  • Write up of child’s notes and advice given.


  • Pre- session planning (e.g. liaison prior to session/visit, preparation of materials)
  • Determining therapy goals for each child and what we are going to be working towards
  • Therapy activities carried out on one to one basis
  • Activities and strategies modelled to parents/carers/education practitioners
  • Homework given for parents/education practitioners to carry out the identified children
  • Verbal feedback at end of session about children’s progress
  • Advice and strategies updated depending on children’s progress
  • Discussion and recommendations as to what further support your child may benefit from
  • Write-up of child’s notes and advice given.